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Welcome to my portfolio website.

The growing demand for quality restoration services is fueled by both the rising costs of genuine artifacts and their ever-increasing scarcity.  The decline of invasive agricultural methods since the '80s has resulted in fewer artifacts being turned up in plowed fields and Federal laws have all but put an end to in-situ relic collecting.  The majority of recent field-finds are litterally beat to death.  As the demand for quality pieces steadily rises, collectors turn to RESTORATION SERVICES to boost their collection's displayablity without having to

sell the farm.  And that's

where I come in.  Have a

look around, and enjoy

the possibilities!

Scot Stoneking



With more than thirty years experience as a full-time professional artist and restoration specialist, you can be sure that my services will never disappoint.  As an artisan, I work to achieve a level of excellence and attention to detail that few can.  Feel free to browse my portfolio and contact me for all your restoration needs.

Painting by - Howard Terpning

"Blackfeet Storyteller"

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